Themed Photo Shoots

Introduced in 2020 are my new themed photoshoots. These are designed for those who would like to see themselves in an unusual situation eg sitting with a unicorn or running from a dinosaur. Click here to go the gallery to view some examples. These will updated on a regular basis so check back soon to see any new themes and of course if you have an idea not included here please get in touch as you never know it might just be possible.

These photoshoots are slightly different in that the actual shoot itself may not take too long. The majority of work is done in post processing.

The cost is £40. This includes three photos of your choice. For anyone wishing to have more taken these will £10 extra per photo.

It is also possible to combine these with a regular photoshoot. For example why not book a half hour photoshoot (£40) and then add on a few themed photos at the end for £10 each!